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Ever wonder how the audio guy at your conference got to be the audio guy? Did he go to school for that? Is there a school for that?

Yes there is! This project is near and dear to our hearts as DN3 Design Owner, Stephanie, has worked in the live event industry for nearly 20 years. When we first reviewed their website, it was…well…a complete mess – the messaging was unclear, the vision and mission conflicted with each other, and there was way too much content throughout. So, we had a “tough love” meeting with our client and got the go ahead to re-write the entire site. We streamlined the content, changed the flow and navigation entirely, and reworked the entire design. They were so thrilled with the end result, they asked us to design their brochure, business cards, and presentation template.

Awesome Things We Did

  • Custom imagery
  • Fully custom WordPress site
  • Mobile optimization
  • Copy writing
  • Print brochure
  • Business cards
  • Custom email templates

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

We knew we were making the right decision when we asked Stephanie and her team to help us with our website. DN3 Design is not like any design company we have worked with in the past. They care about the message as well as the design, and in the end we ended up with an amazing new website that we continue to get compliments on.

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