The Security Wizards

Wait…is that English?

When we first met the founders of SOCSoter, their geek speak was so well developed, we weren’t sure they were speaking English. They assured us they were.

We took a step back, a deep breath, a big swig of coffee and said, “please dumb this down like you are explaining it to a 5-year-old.” Walla! We can now speak somewhat intelligently about Managed Detection and Response solutions. Sort of. I should probably mention this is all in preparation to build their new website. You see, we can build you a “solid” website without all the hassle of meetings and research. But who the hell just wants a “solid” website when you can have one that is completely custom to your brand and messaging? That’s just silly.

Anywho…with a solid grasp of their company messaging and a clear call to action, we set out researching their competitors and the industry itself. We wanted their site to be different than what was out there, but still fit the industry. So we pushed SOCSoter out of their comfort zone a bit with bright colors, custom icons and graphics, clean navigation, and a touch of animation. They are now using the custom graphics in their social media posts, print, and presentation materials. We love brand collateral!

Awesome Things We Did

  • Custom graphics and iconography
  • Fully custom WordPress site
  • Mobile optimization
  • Copy editing


A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

DN3 was and has been a great design partner as we redesigned our web presence. They work hard to make themselves available for both long-term and short-term projects, which we, as a startup, really appreciate. We are really happy with the design and look of our new website. During a recent relaunch campaign, the website DN3 designed for SOCSoter was at the forefront. We were proud to show it off. Thanks DN3!

Ready for more?

Of course you are