Are you ready to

Get SHIT Don3?

...Yeah So Are We
Are you ready to

Get SHIT Don3?

...Yeah So Are We.
First Things First…

What’s Behind Door No. 3

A creative design studio that will dazzle your pants off.

No, it’s not a pair of jet skis or an all-expense paid trip to Tallahassee. We like to believe it’s something better. Behind Door No. 3 is a creative design studio you can actually trust to get the job done well…in a timely manner…and on budget. Crazy, right?

Whatever your needs are in the print, digital, or presentation space, we promise brilliant, effective communications that surpass your expectations and dazzle your audience every single time. Ok…so maybe not better than a free pair of jet skis, but definitely better than a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni®. Seriously, who needs that much flavored rice?

Meet Your

New Best Friends…

Stephanie Ottavan Stephanie Ottavan


The Big Cheese

Jenni Caughy Jenni Caughy


Don't Play No Games

Eileen Eileen


A Grandma At Heart

Emily Ridgway Emily Ridgway


Casual Friday Enthusiast

Hank Hank


King of Side-Eye

What We

Bring to the Table

Besides ya know, coffee


We are humans! And cool humans at that. No robot operator when you give us a ring… we actually pick up the phone when you call, respond to your emails in a timely manner, and frankly are just fun to work with in general.


Do you want to work with a team who only wants to make you happy or a team who is willing to push boundaries to make your project the best it can possibly be? That’s what we thought! We are not yes men. We are your team. We work collaboratively with you to find the best design solution for your project.


Creative design is a given, but giving a project life…and a voice…and meaning is a whole other beast. We don’t just make it pretty…we make it work! Who is your audience? How are you reaching them? How will this morph in the coming years? We ask the necessary questions to get you the absolute best results.

Shit We Do For Money

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Visual Conceptualization
PowerPoint Presentations
Keynote Presentations
Content Development
Copy Writing
Logo Identity
Brand Collateral
Brand Guidelines
Package Design
Publication & Print Design
Advertising & Marketing
Print Ads
Custom Iconography
Wix Websites
WordPress Websites
Web Maintenance
Web Banners
Digital Marketing
Reporting & Analytics
Trade Show Graphics
Event Collateral


MarTech Awards 2023 – Best Print Design Solutions Provider

American Graphic Design Award Winner 2021 (GD USA)

Previous Years: 2020, 2019, 2018

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