Belleza Studio

Beautifying Frederick since 2002

When looking to expand, Belleza went big.

Like…vacant furniture store kind of big.

Ann and Dawn, the powerhouses behind Belleza Salon and Day Spa, have wanted to add a full spa for years. They had a few spa services like manicures and pedicures, but their space was limited and quickly becoming cramped as business started booming again after Covid.

So, they started looking at new locations to expand into, and settled on the old Ethan Allen furniture store that has been sitting vacant for years. It’s like moving your one-bedroom apartment into a mansion! It’s hard to visualize, but these two women knew what they wanted and went after it. With such a big, bold move (in all the ways), the branding and website needed to be updated to reflect their vision of grandeur and luxury. For the new logo and color palette, we went with pure sophistication and class…like a string of pearls. It was amazing to see their vision come to fruition with the new branding right at the center of it all. The website was redesigned in the same manner, taking great care to reflect the new brand and new company vision.

Awesome Things We Did

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Visual conceptualization
  • Custom graphics and iconography
  • Custom Wix site
  • Mobile optimization
  • SEO

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

We had these ladies develop our website and could not be happier with their creativity and knowledge! Do not hesitate to have them design yours too!

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