When quarantine and YouTube
made us into dog groomers

Pandemic Pooches Unite

2020 is one for the books. Hahaha…get it? No? Oh, ok…keep reading then.

Shelley Ross (we’re name dropping here) is a former producer for Good Morning America and the President of The Cure Alliance. This organization is a non-profit group of top scientists, researchers, medical doctors and innovators, plus those who support their efforts to end suffering by developing cures for chronic, debilitating, and fatal diseases…including Covid-19. Shelley had an ingenious idea to help raise money for The Cure Alliance’s Covid-19 research by developing a coffee table book about “the good, the bad, and the crazy haircuts” we gave our loyal pandemic pooches. Scruffy was born.

When we initially spoke with Shelley about the project, she was just looking for help with a layout she created on her own. Once we got our paws on it (see what we did there), we felt very strongly about a redesign. Props to Shelley for getting a quick and dirty InDesign lesson and laying out the book herself. But we felt this project was too important to not give the publication the best design we could. So, we had a tough love conversation with her and sweetened the pot by doing ¾ of the project pro bono.

Awesome Things We Did

  • Custom graphics and iconography
  • Editorial layout
  • Cover design
  • Photo retouching


All the proceeds of the book go directly to research. Oh yeah – Hank makes a guest appearance too!

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

A huge thank you to Door No. 3 Design.
Creating this book has been a true labor of love, and this team of talented ladies worked with me every step of the way. They made my ideas come alive in every spread of this book.

Order the book: scruffybook.com

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client


After all our effort, brainpower, elbow grease, coffee runs…we were rewarded with a 2019 win from the American Graphic Design Awards.

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Of course you are