Loco for Local

Dear Frederick…

I have to be honest, when we met all those years ago…I never thought it would last. I wasn’t prepared. That was on me. As a New Yorker, I was used to moving at lightning speed and things being open past 10pm. I didn’t realize I was in for a bit of culture shock when I passed the Mason Dixon line on the move down here. It took a little time, but I got used to my friends calling me “big city,” and the cashier packing my groceries in the slowest, most nonsensical manner possible. I feel I have grown as a person and expanded my lung capacity with all the deep breaths I have taken over the years.

The more time we spent together, the more deeply in love I fell. You showed me a world I never thought existed. You opened your arms and accepted me for all my quirks and oddities. You showed me that I belong here, and there is an entire community that will support me in whatever I try to do…run a marathon…build a company…anything. Thank you for showing me how to build a life here and continuing to change and adapt in all the best ways. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Love, Stephanie

We Love Our Frederick Clients

Ever get that creepy feeling

someone is watching you?

…Inquiring for a friend

It’s only because we really want to work with you!

Urban Cottage of Frederick, MD

Urban Cottage

because they have the prettiest things

Hooch & Banter of Frederick, MD

Hootch & Banter

because Jeff makes the craftiest cocktails

Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium of Frederick, MD

Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium

because pie is not a salad dressing

McClinktock Distilling of Frederick, MD

McClinktock Distilling

because their gin makes us happy

Gambrill Mt. Food Co. of Frederick, MD

Gambrill Mt. Food Co.

because their food is awesome and we would like to look at it on a website

Olde Mother Brewing of Frederick, MD

Olde Mother Brewing

because they have a beer named Hank

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