So good...it must be magic.

Presentation Design

Need to pitch your big idea for startup capital? Sharing your motivational mojo? Trying to secure your dream job? Whatever your presentation needs to accomplish…we’ve got your back! When you work with Door No. 3 Design you get a team of creatives who are presentation experts.

Think of your presentation as a visual story. But…before we make it visual…we first need to create a compelling story. And like all good stories…content and flow matter. You have to also remember that people are emotional beings and identify with visuals, not bullet points. Oh dear. We scared you, didn’t we? Now you’re second guessing your content and wondering if your story is good enough to send us? Don’t panic! We’re experts at this, remember? We’ll help you boil down what goes on the slide, what goes in the delivery, and then build a bold and beautiful storytelling presentation that you will be proud to deliver.


Below is an actual client storytelling presentation as it went through our magical design process from initial deck to final product



Whether it’s just a thrown together outline or a brainchild you have been crafting for years, the first step is getting it in front of us. Don’t worry if it’s not pretty…that’s our job remember?

Our team will take a look from an outside perspective and start to break down your content. Next, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting to gain a better understanding of your story, the audience you are targeting, and the ultimate goals for your new kickass storytelling presentation.


We’ll Craft the Story

Every presentation, no matter its purpose, must have a compelling story. That’s the key to capturing your audience and receiving that standing ovation. Our job is to find that story, make sure we tell it, and tell it well.

How do we do that? By analyzing the bones of your presentation slide by slide. This is where we move, shift, streamline, condense, pull out, put in, pinch, squeeze…get your mind out of the gutter…our eyes are up here! Ahem…we will tweak your presentation content until we are left with a story you are excited to tell.


And…Poof! No Pants!

By now you should get the sense that we are kind of magic. Not voodoo or witchcraft kind of magic. More like unicorn kind of magic. Yup…mythical creatures that are so damn good at this, and you have no idea how…nor do you care. But you know you have a team that pulls out all the stops to design you a storytelling presentation that ticks off all the boxes and dazzles the pants right off your audience…seriously pants will be flying. You may want to duck.

Sourcing imagery across multiple resources to emphasize and enhance your message.

And completely custom graphics and iconography.

This Includes…

A color palette either consistent with your existing brand or a new collection unique to you.




Slide to see before vs. after result

We told you to duck!

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