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Because Who
Doesn’t love animals

A new veterinary clinic who offers a fear-free, low-stress environment for both animals and their humans? Ummm…yes please!

Now is as good a time as any to tell you we have a sweet spot for entrepreneurs. When Matt and Jennifer walked into our office, we immediately felt at ease with them. When they started talking about their new animal hospital and showing us pictures of the interior, we knew we wanted to work with them to develop their new brand identity and website.

The final logo design is bold, yet soothing and the colors complement the interior of their clinic. The custom website was designed to feel as warm and genuine as the founders. With the right imagery, color palette, and custom icons (check out the social media icons in the footer – so cute) the site guides you through to everything you need to know. We’re looking forward to working with them on the next phase and build out of the site.

Awesome Things We Did

  • Logo identity
  • Custom graphics and iconography
  • Fully custom WordPress site
  • Mobile optimization


A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

We couldn’t have been happier working with Door No. 3! From conception to final product, the entire team listened intently to our thoughts, offered valuable insights into design and marketing, and responded quickly to our questions. We had a vision to create a new, modern veterinary practice. DN3 refined that vision and created the perfect logo and website. They nailed it. We were elated when we first saw the logo! They created a website that was clean, modern, and effective. We continue to receive positive feedback from our clients. It was a pleasure working with Steph and her team at DN3!

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client


After all our effort, brainpower, elbow grease, coffee runs…we were rewarded with a 2020 win from the American Graphic Design Awards.

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