Greenstone Trailcraft

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Oh Those Damn Dots!

We miss the days where websites were only viewed on computers and mobile optimization was not a thing.

Greenstone TrailCraft is a unique company that deserved a unique website. Our client, Andrew, is a Maryland-based trail contractor specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of trails and recreational facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Seriously, that’s a real job!

Andrew had lots of beautiful pictures to work with, so we let the portfolio do most of the talking. For a business as unique and fun as this one, we wanted to design a website that was like nothing else out there. We liked the idea of a “trail map” element to guide the user through the site. Oh man…we drove Eileen crazy trying to get those damn dots correct for mobile formatting! We also re-worked the content to add personality and give this new brand a voice.

Awesome Things We Did

  • Logo identity
  • Branding
  • Custom graphics and iconography
  • Fully custom WordPress site
  • Mobile optimization

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client


After all our effort, brainpower, elbow grease, coffee runs…we were rewarded with a 2019 win from the American Graphic Design Awards.

A Humble Brag

Our Happy Client

I am really pleased with the results produced by collaborating with the DN3 team on my business branding and website. They did a great job of listening to my ideas and offering professional critiques in a constructive manner; respecting my vision while also offering opportunities for improvement. The final product is clean, professional, engaging, and unique. I can’t wait to work with DN3 again!

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